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Guide to Using the GGA Brands, Logos & Images

Girl Guides Australia (GGA) in conjunction with all State Girl Guiding Organisations (SGGO) have updated and strengthened our branding materials through the publication of a national style guide.

Style Guides are typically developed to assist people in organisations to better use brands, logos, and marketing images.

Good Style Guides create clarity for their people on ways that the brand can be used, and ensure cohesive approach to developing marketing materials.

This Style Guide will provide members of Australian Guiding with a document that defines basic rules and features of our brand to allow its consistent implementation and use across the Australia.

Read about how to apply the GGA branding and logo here

It will be applied across the breadth marketing materials that we use including hard copy materials (such as flyers and brochures), websites, email footers, social media and other items such as publications.  Implementing the Style Guide will take some time and involve GGA and SGGOs transitioning over to the branding policy as we create new materials and update our publications.

The specific purpose of our National Style Guide is to:

  • Stengthen our image and brand in the Australian Community
  • Better support our leaders and volunteers in using the Girl Guide brand
  • Provide a stronger framework for State Girl Guide Organisations to use the brand in their state activities

Want to know more?

If you are a member of a State Girl Guide Organisation and want to know how and when to apply it, contact your local State Girl Guide Organisation in the first instance. Your SGGO will be able to provide you with specific advice. They will also be able to provide you with information on what marketing and communication materials are available for you to use.


If members have any feedback or queries on the style guide, they should address them to their State Girl Guide Organisation or email Girl Guides Australia



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