The Olave Program is for members of Guiding in Australia aged 18-29, and encourages young women to live for the Challenge!

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Olaves take opportunities to:

  • Join a group of vibrant like-minded young women
  • Embrace adventure
  • Connect with the community
  • Extend their leadership skills
  • Conquer their fears
  • Become decision-makers… raising their voice, getting into
    governance, or joining a committee
  • Advocate for issues they care about
  • Foster personal growth and skill development
  • Develop self-awareness and confidence
  • Speak up about issues they care about
  • Develop their confidence
  • Discover new talents
  • Build a network of friends around the world
  • Try hiking, kayaking or camping
  • Access quality training to broaden their skillsets
  • Volunteer at community events
  • Try new things and learn not to be afraid of failing
  • Join international travel adventures with Guiding friends
  • Connect to a global network of 10 million Guides



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