Whistleblower Policy

Girl Guides Australia is committed to the highest standards of integrity and conduct.

The Board has endorsed a Whistleblower Policy to ensure that an Eligible Whistleblower can disclose information about any possible wrongdoing and be supported in doing so.

This policy applies to and provides protections to Protected Whistleblowers providing all Protected Whistleblowers with procedural fairness.

In developing this policy the Board addressed the following:

  • Guidance for the reporting of matters that may cause harm to individuals or financial or non-financial loss to GGA or damage to its reputation
  • How GGA will protect the identity of the Protected Whistleblower and provide for the secure storage of the information provided
  • Principles by which any Protected Whistleblower may report improper conduct through the appropriate channels in GGA
  • Principles for the support and protection of any Protected Whistleblower who wishes to report improper conduct, against reprisal by any person internal or external to the entity
  • The appropriate infrastructure to support Protected Whistleblowers

The policy can be downloaded here

For further information contact:

The Complaints Officer (Whistleblower Policy)

c/o CEO

Girl Guides Australia

Hub Hyde Park

223 Liverpool St

Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Email: admin@girlguides.org.au

Phone: 02 83280851


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