Queen’s Guide Award

The Queen’s Guide Award is the peak achievement award for Youth Members of Girl Guides Australia.

The Queen’s Guide Award provides an opportunity for extraordinary personal development and greater self-awareness and is recognised in the education system in New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania.

The Queen’s Guide Award has two parts:
  • the challenges for the Gold Endeavour Award which focus on participating and learning.
  • the additional challenges for the Queen’s Guide Award which focus on organising and leading.

Compulsory Service and Leadership challenges are included.

The challenges for each part are built around SIX skill areas:

Creative Thinking          Communication            

Character                           Collaboration            

Community                     Commitment to Learning

Girl Guides must be at last 13 years of age prior to start work on this Award and have experience of working on challenges to broaden their experiences. This includes experience in choosing, planning, doing and evaluating a personal challenge.

What do you need to do to earn your Queen’s Guide Award?

The Queen’s Guide Award booklet includes the syllabus for the Queen’s Guide Award and additional useful information:

Queens Guide Award Booklet 

It is important to register for the Queen’s Guide Award with the relevant State Queen’s Guide Award coordinator using this form – Queen’s Guide Award Registration Form.


What do you need to do when you complete your work?

Once you have completed your work you can submit a notification via the form below:

Queen’s Guide Award – Girl Guides Australia

This digital form allows you to submit the completion of the following parts of the Queen’s Guide Award:
• Gold Endeavour Award component
• Focus
• Queen’s Guide Award component
• Interest (from the previous syllabus – should a Guide still be working on this syllabus)
• Peer assessment evidence

Please note: All peer assessment is undertaken in the peer Unit and there is no need to submit folders of work for assessment outside the Unit.

Please note: Once submitted, the digital form is emailed to the nominated Unit Leader for confirmation of completion, before being emailed to the State Queen’s Guide Award coordinator for recording.

Please note: This form may also be used by those who started their Queen’s Guide Award journey before the latest updates in 2023.

Please note: The Queen’s Guide Award was updated in February 2023. From that date the syllabus in the Aim High publication is no longer current.

Girls who commenced working on their Queen’s Guide Award prior to February 2023 may continue working on the syllabus they commenced or transfer to the new syllabus.  The State Queen’s Guide Award coordinator can provide support during the transition period.

For additional information Leaders should contact the State Queen’s Guide Award coordinator in their State.





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