Trefoil Guild is an adult section of Guiding that links Girl Guide Members, former Members and those new to Guiding.

The Australian Trefoil Guild (ATG) looks to connect women who are either actively involved in Guiding or have a history with Guiding.

If you are living in Australia and may have been a member of Guiding in another country you are still welcome to join a Guild here in Australia.

Those individuals living in areas where there is no Guild, who are in nursing homes, or who are disabled or working full time and unable to attend regular meetings may be Lone Members.

Members Support Girl Guiding in Australia & the Community by:
  • actively supporting local and national charities
  • giving their time to support causes such as aged care facilities, Meals on Wheels, Red Cross, The Smith Family, Share the Dignity and Cancer Council
  • creating beanies for those experiencing homelessness or premature babies
  • making breast cancer care bags or mittens for injured wildlife
  • actively maintaining Guide Camp sites across Australia
  • supporting Guides as they learn new skills in their Units
  • assisting with funding for Guides to attend camps and pay membership fees
  • supporting and participating in Region activities
  • enhancing skills and knowledge through participation in ATG Dark Horse Venture and ATG Southern Cross Challenge Award programs also contributing to the World Thinking Day Fund

Each Guild plans its own program and decides how to further its own aims. The time, place, and frequency of meetings are determined by the Guild Members.

Programs include anything from social outings, maintaining gardens, hiking and learning new skills to bell ringing!

Trefoil Guilds are members of their State Girl Guide Organisation (SGGO) and pay an annual fee which covers:
  • membership in Guiding (this includes insurances)
  • administration of Trefoil Guild (who are financially self-supporting) and
  • membership of the Australian and International Fellowship (the International World Scouting and Guiding organisation for adults)

The Australian Trefoil Guild belongs to both the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and the International Scout and Guide Fellowship (ISGF).

To facilitate membership of ISGF in Australia – Trefoil Guild has joined with the Baden-Powell Guild and St Georges Guild to create the National Scout Guide Fellowship (NSGF).

Working quietly to serve the community and our youth members, and the underlying theme is always one of Fun, Fellowship, Food, Flexibility and Freedom.


Australian Trefoil Guild Handbook (2018)

Australian Trefoil Guild Resource Book (2016)

All ATG Forms can now be found on Guide Lines.

Trefoil Guild Advisers

Each State has a Trefoil Guild Adviser who keeps Guilds informed of activities and events through their state newsletter.

National Trefoil Guild Adviser

Sharyn Smith-Anderson –


Molly (Heather) Tweedie –

Western Australia

Carmel Stefanoff –

South Australia

Jenny Huntley –


Margie Reid –


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