Guide Your Money Program

The Guide Your Money Independence program has been developed with the aim of building financial literacy and wellbeing. The program uses a proven learning approach and includes links to reliable resources and information.

How the Guide Your Money Independence Program works

This program is designed for flexible shared learning in peer groups and incorporates group-based activities and discussions. For those who do not meet regularly with a peer group there are many learning activities that can be completed individually. For groups who meet online the program can be easily adapted to do activities before meeting to share about your learning.


There are nine topics in the Guide Your Money Program and each one contains sub-topics with a range of activities, discussion points to support learning and peer group engagement. There are also links to more information.

Most topics can stand-alone, so it is possible to complete just one topic or as many topics as are of interest. Some topics will build on what is learned in other topics and this will be clearly marked.

To earn a Guide Your Money badge a total of 4 topics must be completed.

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Working in Groups

The Independence program is designed for flexible shared learning in peer groups and incorporates a range of group based activities and discussions.

When meeting together in a peer group think about how structured the group would like the Independence program session(s) to be, and how to make this work. The group should decide together how they wish to approach the program.

Taking on the role of session/program coordinator

The coordinator could be selected for just one meeting or for the full Independence program and all the sessions the group decides to do together.

A coordinator could:

  • check if any resources are needed for the meeting and remind everyone about anything they should do in advance or items they should bring to the session
  • manage the time – start the meeting and monitor the time spent for activities and discussions
  • encourage everyone to participate and share their experiences.

Managing the program direction together as a group, making decisions as you go

This approach works well when the group members are confident in expressing their ideas and enjoy being self-directed in their learning. It may be particularly useful if it is a group with very diverse interests and needs. Individuals or small groups could undertake different activities in different topics and share their learning with the whole group. Take time between activities to discuss the next choice of topic. Make sure that everyone has a chance to express their preferences.

Creating a safe learning environment

When discussing in the first session, people experience a wide range of responses to money issues including both positive and negative emotional responses. The program is designed for shared learning and this occurs best when each person’s views and experiences are respected and feels safe to share their comments and questions.

It can be helpful to make a spoken agreement as a group, to respect each other’s ideas and experiences and to keep shared information confidential within the group.

Our Partners

Girl Guides Australia gratefully acknowledges the funding, support and expertise that our partners and consultants contributed to the development of the Guide Your Money Independence program. We are also grateful to Olave peer groups from New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia who supported the program development by piloting and reviewing the draft program.

Ecstra (formerly Financial Literacy Australia)

JiMo Partners

Rooftop Social



DISCLAIMER: The information in this website is for general information only and should not be taken as constituting professional advice. If you need advice about your personal financial circumstances seek independent advice from the relevant Government agency or an authorised financial advisor, licensed by ASIC to provide advice on investing, superannuation, retirement planning, estate planning, risk management, insurance or taxation.

Participation in the Guide Your Money Program does not authorise or equip volunteers, Olaves or anyone else associated with the program to teach financial literacy within Australian Girl Guiding, to provide financial advice to the Australian Community or to seek to develop Girl Guides, Leaders or Olaves as financial advisors.


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