Money and Me

Money and Me is a great place to start your Guide Your Money Independence program. Financial decisions are personal.


Budgeting is a word we all know but is it something you do? How are your budgeting skills?

Saving for a goal

Saving helps you to plan for future needs and/or wants

Pause Points

Welcome to Pause Points. It’s all about that moment that you decide to buy and how to make conscious spending decisions


Borrowing allows you to make purchases today, which will be repaid with future income.


Are you thinking about investing? Then you’ve come to the right place to learn more.


Let’s face it, superannuation can be a tough topic to get excited about. It plays an important role in your financial wellbeing but many people find it complex.

Protecting Me

An important aspect of financial wellbeing is Protecting Yourself – reducing both the chance of things going wrong and the cost if they do.

My Financial Future

Welcome to the final part of the Independence Program. This is an opportunity to draw together all your learning from the topics that have been relevant to you, to shape your plans for your Financial Future and celebrate your achievements.


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