Learning Passports and Modules

ALQP Passports

These Australian Leadership and Qualification Program (ALQP) Qualifications are comprised of a series of tasks to be completed in an order that works for you and your learning journey. The Passports introduce you to key policies and procedures and assist in your understanding of the tasks associated with your new role.

The focus is on collaboration with others, such as your Manager and Mentor, and sharing knowledge, skills and experiences.

Leader Passport

District Manager PASSPORT

Region Manager PASSPORT

L&D Trainer Passport 

Outdoor Qualification Modules

The modules below provide pathways to further qualifications in outdoor activities.

You will be mentored and participate in a Girl Guide Training course to assist you in gaining skills and experience in an area of your choosing.

Conduct a Camp Modules

Conduct an Expedition

Conduct Canoe & Kayak Activities

Conduct Rowing Activities

Conduct Sailing Activities


Instruct & Assess Sailing Skills

Instruct & Assess Canoe & Kayak Activities

Instruct & Assess Rowing Skills


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