Volunteer Thank You Letter from the Chief Commissioner

5th December, 2023

Dear Girl Guide Volunteers,

International Volunteer Day is a day to celebrate and promote volunteering. It is a chance to say Thank You to all those who so generously give of their time for others. It is a self-evident statement that if everyone volunteered, the world would be a better place.

As we come to the end of the Girl Guiding year, you might be feeling a little tired or overwhelmed, or just in need of some time off from volunteering, but it is also a chance to reflect on the difference you have made this year.

It might be that new Girl Guide who has been welcomed into a space where she feels she belongs for the first time. It might be a Girl Guide who has tried a new adventurous activity or stood on stage at a Gang Show and shined, building her self-confidence and resilience. It may be your co-leader who has felt a connection and support when her life is threatening to overwhelm her by just having a chance to laugh and have fun.

And what difference has volunteering made in your life?

It may have given you a chance to challenge yourself, to learn a new skill, to develop new friendships or just to have some great laughs.

We don’t always know the difference we make in the lives of those that with who we connect, but as you take a break from Girl Guiding, please remember that you have made a difference this year. For others and for yourself.

I thank you so much for all you have done. You really have made the world a better place.   

Helen Reid

Chief Commissioner, Girl Guides Australia



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