Girls can do anything and be anything – they can GO PLACES!

In celebration of the ‘International Day of the Girl’, Girl Guides Australia is inviting you to take part in our I GO PLACES campaign.

Exposure to positive role models within families, communities and the media, has a profound impact on the aspirations and dreams of girls and young women. It increases their willingness to compete, challenges gender stereotypes, and ultimately boosts self-confidence. However, there are simply not enough women role models sharing success and leadership stories in the media.

Since girls ‘can’t be what they can’t see’ – Girl Guides Australia has launched I GO PLACES.

I GO PLACES shows girls and young women the limitless paths to success they have. It introduces them to a wide range of successful role models in various vocations and leadership roles.

You can meet some of our aspirational girls and the women they aspire to in this short video.

Please like it, share it and show it to to girl amongst your friends and family.

There are so many ways girls can achieve success and leadership in their communities and so many different women they can aspire to. That’s why we are inviting more women to share their inspirational ‘Girls Go Places’ story with girls.

Share your own GIRLS GO PLACES story

  • Simply make a little video about what you do and how you got there.
  • Post it on your social networks using the hashtag #IGOPLACES
  • Add this too so more girls get to hear your story #IDG2023

I GO PLACES is designed to inspire, build confidence, and ignite conversations that help girls discover their potential and future aspirations that supports the idea that ‘If they can see it, they can be it’

How can you support the campaign?

Girl Guides empower girls to GO PLACES

Girl Guiding in Australia is here to support all types of success, expanding the horizons of what our girls can aspire to be. Through our program, we’re raising aspirations, fostering personal growth, and promoting leadership and community engagement.

Join us to be part of this empowering journey. Whether you’re a girl looking to find her path or a woman wanting to be a role model, we welcome you. Together, let’s show the world that girls really do Go Places.


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