National Volunteer Week Letter from the Chief Commissioner

20th May, 2024

As we celebrate National Volunteer week it is a moment to pause, thank and acknowledge all the amazing volunteers that work week in, week out to provide opportunities for girls and young women in Australia.

This year’s theme, “Something for Everyone,” truly encapsulates the spirit of what volunteers bring to our organization. Whether it is supporting girls in unit meetings, supporting adults as a manager, sharing your skills on a SGGO Board, giving service through your Trefoil Guild or anyone of the many other roles that are part of our organisation, you are making a significant difference in the lives of those you have contact with. Each act, no matter how small, has ripple effects that spread far and wide, creating positive change in our organisation and the community.

Please know that you are valued and appreciated more than words can express. Your passion and commitment are so important both in the difference you make today but the impact that will have into the future.

Please take a moment this week to have a little time for yourself, to reflect on the impact you have made over your time as a volunteer, and to remind yourself why you do volunteer. It might be the friendships made, the skills learnt, the opportunities taken. All made possible because at some point you put your hand up and said, “I can help”.

I am so glad you did and thank you,

Helen Reid

Chief Commissioner for Australia



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