Australian Bushfire Crisis

Supporters Stories

19th February 2020

  We have been overwhelmed by the concern and well wishes that we have received since the start of the Australian bushfire crisis.   It has been heartening to receive your messages and to see and hear how you have been…

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Australia Fun Facts

30th January 2020

  Since the worldwide media has focused on Australia, we have had many requests for information on our country and Girl Guiding in Australia.  Therefore we have put together some fun facts on Australia and Guiding in Australia which will…

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Australian Bushfire Crisis Badge – Available Now

30th January 2020 4

  A special Girl Guides Australia badge has been designed so Girl Guides, Girl Scouts, individuals and organisations throughout the world can proudly show they supported those impacted by the bushfires in Australia during 2019 and 2020. The badges are…

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Wall of Support for the Australian Bushfire Crisis

9th January 2020

Girl Guides Australia would like to share a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contacted us during this challenging time in Australia. We have taken this opportunity to share your words of encouragement to all Australians and especially our amazing…

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2019-2020 Australian Bushfire Crisis

8th January 2020 1

Across Australia we are in shock and are deeply saddened by the severity, speed and impact of the bushfires that have swept across our beautiful country.  The tragedy of lives lost; the destruction of homes, communities, and businesses; and the…

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