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Celebrating our Girl Guide Volunteers

As Girl Guides Australia celebrates National Volunteer Week in 2024, we would sincerely like to thank all of the thousands of volunteers who make a difference to our organisation.

Building on more than 100 years of being a part of our local communities, and with a 17,000 strong membership, Girl Guides continues to be the largest girl voice charity in Australia, offering a space where girls feel safe, included and can be themselves.

Volunteers play an integral role in delivering the Girl Guides program, supporting Youth Members to achieve life skills as they strive towards resilience and self-development.

Each year volunteers contribute thousands of hours – worth millions of dollars – across a broad range of areas, from outdoor and adventurous activities to administration, special events, fundraising, marketing, maintenance and learning and development.

Girl Guides Australia acknowledges the significant role culture plays in keeping children and young people safe. Girl Guiding worldwide focuses on giving girls and young women a voice and an opportunity to build lifelong friendships and networks.

The Australian Guide Program places a high priority on girl ownership and decision making; youth members have the responsibility to discover, decide, plan, do and evaluate their own activities and goals. These core elements encourage those in Guiding to speak up for themselves and others, an essential part of creating a child-safe culture.

More volunteers are encouraged to support the organisation as there are now waiting lists in many regions for girls who wish to become members.

Contact your State Girl Guiding Organisation to get involved today!

Read the Chief Commissioner’s Thank you to Volunteers

The benefits of volunteering with Girl Guides:

  • Belonging: You become part of a global community of Girl Guides and Guide Leaders.
  • Impact: Create extraordinary moments for girls in your community.
  • Connections: You build friendships and expand your network.
  • Skills: You gain new skills and valuable experience for your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • Accomplishment: You achieve personal goals.
  • Role Model: You serve as a positive role model for girls and young women.
  • Community Change: You contribute to positive change in your community.
  • Empowerment: You help create a space where girls can be themselves.

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