A Framework for Social Partnerships

A resource to assist Volunteers decide what other charities and not for profits to partner with and what issues to advocate for in our community.

Often, Girl Guide organisations across Australia – and that includes regions, districts and units – are approached by organisations and individuals with the offer to collaborate to do a range of work for a good cause and/or form an alliance for one purpose or another.

As an organisation Guiding is often called upon to support issues and a range of community activities which may involve fundraising, supporting the organisation by providing volunteer time and skills and even being involved in advocacy and campaign work. The reality is that all these organisations are such worthy causes.. but sometimes Guiding can be asked to collaborate with lots of different organisations and it can be hard to make a decision as to which organisation to work with!

To assist our Leaders and Volunteers in setting up successful social partnerships and to identify which issues and campaigns are worthwhile aligning with. Girl Guides Australia has produced a resource called “A Framework for social partnerships and issues advocacy” this resource take leaders and volunteers through a series of questions and steps that will assist in deciding:

  • Is this potential partnership with an outside charity or not-for-profit good for guiding?
  • Is this issue and/or campaign something that would work for our girls and movement?

The resource is designed to support our leaders and managers to make helpful decisions and empower them more in their field.

Please click HERE to download your copy.

If you have any queries about this resource, please feel free to contact Girl Guides Australia on 02 9311 8000 or via email guides@girlguides.org.au.


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