Queen’s Guide Award

The Queen’s Guide Award is the peak achievement award for youth members of Girl Guides Australia. Guides can register their interest in completing the award with their State Organisation or State Program Manager.

The Queen’s Guide Award provides you with an opportunity for extraordinary personal development and greater self-awareness and is recognised in the education system in South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania.

The Queen’s Guide Award has two parts:

Part A – Gold Endeavour

Part B – an Interest and a Focus

When commencing this Award, Guides need to have the maturity to understand the involvement required to undertake the requirements of the Award to a sufficient level of personal challenge.

Guides must be 14 years old prior to starting any work on this Award. Guides should have had the experience of working on challenges to broaden their experiences and have learnt the processes of choosing, planning, doing and evaluating a personal challenge.

What do I need to do?

The syllabus for the Queen’s Guide Award, Gold Endeavour and Focuses can all be found in Aim High (2013). There are numerous challenges to complete, but the award is about challenging yourself, to do your best at your level in your way. You can purchase your copy of Aim High from your State Retail Outlet.

What is a challenge?

A challenge is something that has value to you. It should be something that you cannot currently do, but something that with some effort you will be able to achieve. It might include one or more of the following:

  • discover a new area
  • extend your knowledge and/or skills
  • help you work on something that needs improvement
  • bring you into contact with a new group of friends; or
  • make you feel great to complete.

I’m having trouble coming up with an appropriate challenge for a clause of the award.

This is a common problem initially for many Guides who complete the Award. However, with a little bit of discussion with your friends (Guides and non-Guides), family, Leader, teachers and other people who know you – you are sure to identify appropriate challenges for each clause.


How long should it take to complete the Award?

It will take at least 12 months to complete the Award, but more likely to take you at least 18 months.


How does peer assessment work?

Peer assessment is a vital part of the Queen’s Guide Award. Your peers are the most appropriate people to determine whether you are truly pushing yourself when completing the different sections of the Award. You need to be an active member of a Peer Unit to complete the Award.

For more information click here.


When do I receive my badge and certificate?

This varies between each State, so refer to your state’s website for more information or if that doesn’t help, contact your State Program Manager.

Remember – you have done a lot of hard work to earn the Queen’s Guide Award – so enjoy your celebration.




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