Manager Qualifications

Manager Qualification Training

Becoming a Manager

This is a 7 hour training course for new managers in Guiding, which can be delivered as a full day training, shorter face to face sessions, or as a combination of E-learning, webinars and workshops. In some states it is run in parallel with Leader Qualification training. The timetable can be adjusted, and the order of topics if flexible.

Resources have been groups under the Management Qualification Module headings. Trainers please adapt the resources provided, and customise the course to new managers’ needs and state requirements.

Module Resources:

Building for the Future
Managing Operational Risk
Risk Assessment resources

Leading Volunteers

This is a one day or approximately 6.5 hours training for managers who have previously completed the ‘Becoming a Manager’ training (or equivalent). It can be delivered face to face, or as a combination of E-learning, self directed and face to face training. RPL may be appropriate for Managers with relevant pre-existing skills and experience.


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