ELearning: How the Patrol System Supports Girl Led Guiding

Within a Unit or group there are smaller groups of Girl Guides called Patrols. Patrols can be based on age groups or length of time they have been a Girl Guide.

The Patrol System enables Girl Guides to develop leadership skills, work as a team, and build confidence. The Patrol System provides a 4-state process towards achieving ‘Girl Led’ Girl Guiding in Units. The level of self-governance with depend on the age and experience of the Girl Guides in the Unit.

Every Leader works toward Patrols being ‘Girl Led’ as opposed to ‘Leader Led’, however younger Guides may require more guidance form you as they start their Girl Guiding journey and will more likely circle through the first 2 stages. As an example, it is reasonable to think that a Unit of girls aged 10-14 would be capable of being girl-led by using Stage 3.


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