ELearning: Girl-Led Guiding

There are 3 practices used to successfully facilitate ‘girl-led’ guiding in a Unit. Each is designed to help the transition from Adult Leaders making decisions to Girl Guides making decision appropriate to their age and experience.

Each of the 3 practices sere a specific purpose, meeting needs of the Girl Guide at various point of her development. At times, one practice may feature more strongly than the other.

Leader Initiated Practice

Here Leaders decide, plan and organise the activity and resources. This practice is

often used for introducing new concepts or within a Unite comprised of mainly new Girl Guides.

As girls get used to participating and showing initiative, activities can be planned using the ‘Shared Leadership’ practice.

Shared Leadership

Shared Leadership involves planning the program and activities in partnership with the Girl Guides. The level of involvement you have in planning the program depends on the age and experience of the girls. This practice takes time and patience to establish but it’s worth the journey. The Patrol System provides the framework for Girl Guides to participate in Shared Leadership

Girl-Led Practice

Our goal is to enable as much ‘Girl Led Practice’ as possible so that Girl Guides become used to their Unit being a place where they decide, plan and execute what they do. The role of the Leader is to guide discussion but to leave the decision making to the Girl Guides


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