ELearning: The Australian Guide Program

Girl Guiding in Australia is developed through the Australian Guide Program (AGP). This non-formal education program encompasses everything a girl undertakes as a girl Guide in Australia.

The Australian Guide Program combines 4 elements of Girl Guiding that support the personal development of girls and the 7 fundamentals that underpin the activities and challenges girls undertake as Girl Guides.

The AGP symbol is a Trefoil, on a map of Australia, with the stem of the Trefoil representing self. The leaves, or elements, represent the four areas beyond personal development Girl Guiding offers girls and young women.




Having and understanding and respect for others, developing teamwork and cooperation skills.



A focus on active participation.


Trying new things and learning skills to use in everyday life



Building self-esteem. challenging self, developing own values

The 7 Fundamentals


Building environmental awareness, developing skills to build resilience


Commitment to connect with community service projects

Guiding Traditions

Becoming familiar with guiding history and traditions

World Guiding

Exploring other countries and cultures taking plat in WAGGGS programs and initiatives

Leadership Development

To collaborate as part of a patrol and participate in leadership experiences

Patrol System

Making decision in a group, managing tasks in small groups, participating in shared leadership.

Promise and Law

Developing respect for herself and others. Understanding how to make choices for a better world and give back to the community.


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