Appointed Director Recruitment

4th March, 2021

Girl Guides Australia (GGA) is seeking expressions of interest to join our national board as an Appointed Director.

Skills Required

GGA is keen to hear from interested parties who:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to the vision and ethos of GGA and the World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the GGA’s Code of Conduct, including the Promise and Law of GGA.
  • Are supportive of the GGA Strategic Plan (note that a new Strategic Plan is in development).
  • Have experience in providing strategic oversight and in making governance level decisions.
  • Have a good understanding of financial and risk management.
  • Have a working appreciation and understanding of the requirements and responsibilities of sitting on the national board of a federated not-for-profit organization.
  • Understand directors duties and corporate governance responsibilities (recognised governance qualification preferred).


This is a voluntary role. Directors are remunerated for agreed expenses.

Further Information

Parties interested in seeking further information on this EOI can contact Marianne Karam, GGA Company Secretary, via the below form.

Closing Date

Closing date for the EOI is Friday 19 March 2021.

About Girl Guides Australia

GGA is a peak organisation for girls and young women. As a founding member of WAGGGS, we are part of a world-wide movement of some 10 million members in 152 countries that provides non-formal education for girls and young women.

Girl Guides in Australia has been empowering girls and young women to become confident contributing participants in society, whatever their ability or background.  We provide girls with opportunities to grow, learn and have fun in relevant and meaningful ways. Providing the foundation for girls and young women to be the best they can be and harness their individual potential to make a difference. We foster personal character based on our values of respect and collaboration to draw out leadership qualities. We instil the confidence for girls and young women to take action on issues they care about and contribute to the communities around them as a key part of their personal growth.

Our dedicated volunteers, Australia-wide, are provided leadership training and support to gain new skills, which are transferable to other areas of life.

What does Guiding do?

Girl Guides deliver a service to the community in the form of non-formal learning to girls and young women.

Girl Guides delivers this program to around 18,000 youth members through some 3,000 volunteers across Australia.

  • Learning in small groups to support each other, negotiate, make democratic decisions, assert our needs, solve problems together, take the lead.
  • At the pace and through a pathway that is determined by the girl to respect individuals, make our own choices, learn in the best way for us, value our achievements, collaborate not compete, be confident.
  • Learning by doing to take on challenges, learn through experience, take risks, make mistakes, get involved, pay attention.
  • Connecting with others to value others, appreciate diversity, listen, connect, make a difference, develop empathy, communicate.
  • Connecting with the world to be active citizens, get our hands dirty, enjoy the outdoors, get involved in our community, speak out for change, pay attention to the wider world.

Learning is experiential and connected to others with a goal of making the world a better place. This is typically implemented through an extensive network of trained volunteers, via a program of activities in weekly meetings at ‘units’, and events such as camping, major jamborees as well as overseas trips.

Structure of Girl Guiding

Girl Guiding in Australia is run by seven different organisations – six State Girl Guide Organisations (SGGOs) that deliver the program to girls and young women, and the national body whose members are the SGGOs. While the structures of each organisation differ in this Federation, they share a common set of goals, mission, policies, branding and publications (where nationally appropriate) and at times, resources (income and otherwise).

The Board of GGA has strategic oversight and governance of its strategic and business plans.  Within the Federation it has the following responsibility and roles:

  • As the national Guiding body in Australia, GGA is the member organisation of WAGGGS, with the rights and responsibilities that this brings.
  • GGA has responsibility for representing Girl Guides throughout Australia at federal levels.
  • Issues that have national impact and which require advocacy on behalf of Girl Guides within Australia, will be led and managed by GGA.
  • GGA has responsibility for Guiding in Australia and for
    • providing governance leadership;
    • making the major decisions on the strategic direction of Guiding within Australia;
    • having oversight of the risk management of Girl Guiding in Australia; and
    • acting in accordance with guidelines developed by WAGGGS.
  • GGA develops and oversees management and operational policies that direct the future of Girl Guiding in Australia.
  • GGA will develop and support a method of delivering Guiding through a program based on the Girl Guide and Girl Scout Method as defined by WAGGGS – the Australian Guide Program.
  • GGA will develop and support the leadership development and trainer training program – the Australian Learning and Qualification Program.

GGA is responsible for ensuring that programs are developed which will foster the WAGGGS ways of work and for reporting to WAGGGS.

Role of Directors

The role of a GGA Director is to contribute to and be accountable for the governance, strategy and risk management of GGA.  A full position description is attached to this EOI. Additional information is available on the website or through the hyperlink.



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