Strategic Plan 2015-2020

Girl Guides Australia is proud to present its Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020.

Girl Guides Australia Strategic Plan has been adopted and supported by all State Girl Guide Organisations and provides a strong foundation for the energies and resources of our organisations to better align in order to grow our Movement in Australia.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision for 2020 is to be:

  • Australia’s leading organisation for girls and young women in leadership and personal development
  • The plan will support the realisation of this vision, by asking us to work to a set of goals and priorities which will drive the organisation to live our mission which is:
  • To empower girls and young women to grow into confident, self-respecting responsible, community members.
  • We will achieve this by focusing our energies and resources on our core capability – delivery of the Girl Guide method to girls and young women.

Our strategy is based around achieving three interconnected goals:

  • One for our girls – To provide innovative, fun, relevant and high quality non-formal learning for girls and young women
  • One for our volunteers – To deliver high quality volunteer experiences to the Australian community
  • One for our organisation – To be an efficient, effective and productive organisation

Built on a foundation of “great people, good governance and a commitment to evolve” our aim is to grow our organisation by 2020 by:

  • Supporting an increase in the number of youth members by 50%
  • Supporting an increase in the number of  adult members by 25%

A set of four initiatives will guide our annual business planning process and assist us to transparently measure the outputs of our work.

Our strategy is as follows:


To support the understanding and communication of the National Strategic Plan for Australian Guiding, GGA has produced some resources which we encourage the membership and stakeholders to use. These resources will be added to over the next few months as we meet with members and colleagues on the plan, and its goals.


Two posters on the Girl Guides Australia Vision:

GGA Vision Poster High Resolution Full Colour
GGA Vision Poster Low Resolution


Two posters on the strengthen mission for Girl Guides Australia:

GGA Mission Poster High Resolution Full Colour
GGA Mission Poster Simple Low Resolution

Strategic Plan “House”

Girl Guides Australia Strategic Plan Poster


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