World Thinking Day and Pen Pals




World Thinking Day is a day that celebrates international friendships and great way for Girl Guides to learn more about our amazing global movement of Girl Guides and Girl Scout groups.    Our Pen Pals Postbox often has requests from overseas Girl Guides and Girl Scouts looking for an Australian pen pal especially now in the lead up to World Thinking Day so why not try and connect with another group, unit or troup from a different country?

You could find out what girls your age like to do in another country, the food they eat, the way they dress, sports they play and so much more.  You can find out what activities Guides do overseas, the games they play and the services they carry out.  You can learn from your Pen Pal and your Pen Pal can learn from you.  Who knows one day you may even meet your Pen Pal!  Above all you and your Pen Pal are connecting and being part of the spirit of Guiding.

In Australia we run the Pens Pals Post Box to make it possible for our guide members to connect with an Australian or international pen pal to develop long term friendships  so please ask your Leader to contact your local state or region International Adviser or the Post Box Secretary to find out more.   

The Pen Pals Postbox is run through the Girl Guides Australia Post Box Secretary Sandra Herbert and Leaders can contact her via email at    

HINT ....  When applying for your pen pal please make sure that you provide:

  • Your full name
  • Your unit
  • Your date of birth
  • Your membership number and expiry date
  • Your address
  • Email if you have one
  • The state or country from where you would like a pen pal (please give 3 choices)