Tomorrow's Girl Guiding.. Today

On Saturday the 30th of January at Girl's Rock. the national leadership team delivered a key note address to some 300 delegates.

This statement was a reflection from the Leadership of Australian Guiding on some of the key challenges and priorities for the movement moving forward.

Called "Tomorrow's Girl Guiding today" it outlines not only some of the key challenges but also highlights what actions and strategies the national movement is doing to address these challenges.

The statement is being provided on the GGA website in the spirit of transparency and as a way of demonstrating to the the Girl Guiding community that the Board and national leadership are aware of the issues, are taking steps to change and address them and.... are up to the challenge.

The statement can be downloaded here.

 We look forward to keeping all updated on our progress.

Any queries regarding this statement can be addressed in the first instance to the CEO of GIrl Guides Australia via email