Promise and Law

A message from the Chief Commissioner

I am pleased to share the news that the World Association for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) has ratified the Promise and Law for Guiding in Australia. WAGGGS has supported Australia and other countries to explore their Promise and Law to ensure it remains relevant to the girls and members of today.
Thank you to the thousands of members who contributed to the Promise and Law Review process over 12 months; your thoughts and feelings shaped the final words. The result is a Promise and Law that reflects our community and the fundamental values of Guiding that will always remain the same.

Helen Geard
Chief Commissioner



To help you to put the Promise and Law into action

The Promise is a personal commitment you make to become a Guide. It is about yourself, personal development, your own spiritual journey and developing your value system. It is about what you do for others - the commitment to help others and a responsibility to country. The Guide Law gives you guidance and code to live by as you strive to put your Promise into action.

The Promise and Law underpins everything you do as a Guide: no matter what activity or challenge. It will enable you to grow into a confident, self-respecting, responsible community member.

Some ways to explore the Promise and Law could include activities based on:

  • what makes a good friend, how do you support a friend, thinking of others
  • looking at other cultures and tradition
  • respectful relationships
  • the different types of communities you belong to or would like to support in some way
  • what makes a good citizen
  • what makes a good leader or who do you respect as a leader and why


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