Launch of Guide Lines website


The Guide Lines website has been developed following feedback from the recommendations of the Policy & Procedures Reform Steering Group.  A survey was undertaken and the overwhelming response showed that the Guiding community wanted standardisation and consistency with all policy aspects, the ability to have easy online access to documents and forms in one central location and to retain the Guide Lines as the ‘go to’ information source.    

The new Guide Lines website is a comprehensive reference tool for all of the Guiding community which contains all the information - and more - from the last updated version of Guide Lines V6.1 pdf.

The Guide Lines website can be found here

Please read the FAQs here  or on the Guide Line website here for more information.  

Any queries in the first instance with regard to the Guide LInes website can be directed to Narian Singh, National Policy Officer at GGA on 02 9311 8000 or via email