Guide Your Money Foundations Program for girls 7-12 years is NOW AVAILABLE


The NEW Guide Your Money Foundations Program for girls aged 7-12 years is NOW AVAILABLE from your State retail outlet.


The Foundations program has been developed with support from Financial Literacy Australia, and in partnership with specialist financial literacy consultants JiMo Partners

Initial learning design was provided by RTO Advance.

The program includes 6 great topics designed to increase financial literacy awareness, confidence and skills through fun games and activities. The program booklet includes activity instructions, notes for leaders, and activity templates.

How to get your Guide Your Money badge

Step 1. Girls must complete at least 4 topics to be eligible for a Guide Your Money badge. These must include Money Choices and Keeping Track of My Money - which give girls the financial lieracy basics - and My Goals. Your unit may elect to do one or more of the other topics to suit their needs and interests. 

Step 2. Complete a Record of Participation for the unit. The record template is included in the program booklet.

Step 3. Leaders must complete and submit a brief review of the program. Evaluation notes pages for each topic are included in the program booklet. These will assist leaders to record their observations of girls' participation at the time of the session. Once your unit has completed the program, gather all your notes and enter these into the program review survey: 

Your completed review survey

will generate a badge authorisation. 



Step 4. Send your unit's Record of Participation and a copy of your unit's Badge Authorisation to your State Program Manager, together with a postal address.