101st Birthday of Girl Guides WA


Congratulations to Girl Guides WA on their 101st birthday!


Ist Perth Guides


The 101st birthday of Girl Guides WA was celebrated on the 28th of June. Guiding started in WA in 1915 and today has over 2,000 members and 500 volunteers. It is said the first Girl Guides were very energetic and dedicated, and carried out many of their activities in Kings Park in Perth, including tracking and stalking. Since that time, Girl Guides WA has been a pioneer for empowering West Australian girls and young women to develop confidence, self-respect, resilience, integrity and leadership. 

Some things, such as the Guide Law and Promise, have changed in the last 101 years to reflect more modern values. Yet the core Girl Guide values of collaboration, respect, passion, initiative and empowerment will always remain at the heart of Guiding.

Linda Elezovich, State Commissioner of Girl Guides WA says “Our members are given opportunities to grow as people, develop their leadership skills, and make a genuine difference in the world. One highlight from this year was Olave member and unit leader Hannah Woodward travelling to the United Nations for the 60th Commission on the Status of Women, representing 10 million Girl Guides worldwide”.

For more information about Girl Guides WA, visit http://www.girlguideswa.org.au/ or contact info@girlguideswa.org.au