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June 2017


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Acting Chief Commissioner Report – June 2017


National Team Report

Congratulations to the 36th WAGGGS World Conference delegation who will be representing Girl Guides Australia in India in September this year. Helen Geard, Miranda Cummings, Bronwyn Cole, Micheala Collins and Rosemary Derwin were selected from an incredibly high quality list of applicants, and congratulations to all candidates who put forward an application to be a part of the delegation. Bronwyn Hughes has been selected as reserve and will assist the delegation in their preparation.  We look forward to sharing with you all via social media the journey of the delegation up to and during the conference.

Many of you will have had the opportunity to meet with Karen Bevan, the new GGA CEO, as she has been travelling across Australia in order to connect with and learn from Guiding management and volunteers in the states. Karen has settled into her role at GGA and looks forward to working with Guides across Australia.

Communication and building relationships is such an important part of Guiding – from the smallest Guides working in their patrols and across all levels of our organisation. Our responsibility as leaders in Guiding is to ensure that we communicate in a way that is respectful, considerate and thoughtful.  By doing this, we are ensuring that we have an organisation where respectful relationships are the norm. At the same time we are creating an environment where positive and effective communications flourish, team rapport is developed and membership grows. 

To further contribute to a positive organisation, have you thought about nominating another volunteer for an award – either within Guiding or as part of the wider community?  We all know fellow leaders or volunteers who make such important contributions to the lives of others and it’s great to be able to recognise these.  There have been a number of changes to the Awards System within Guiding – so check it out!  Another idea might be to nominate individuals as baton bearers for the Commonwealth Games baton relay and recognise their contribution in the wider community.

In terms of the recognition of our Guides, the GGA Building our Future project team have sought expressions of interest from those wanting to be part of the Review of the Girl Recognition System project. The project has two aims; initially focusing on the development of an educational framework within which to then develop suitable badges. The Review will encompass all aspects of the Recognition System including but not limited to badge structures and support, the JBP, BP and Queen’s Guide Awards and the self and peer assessment component. Resources and communication tools will then be developed to support girls, leaders and parents to understand the Recognition System. We look forward to seeing the outputs of this project.

Gone Home

We are saddened to learn that Margo Browning has passed away. Margo managed the accounts at Girl Guides Australia National Office in the 1990s, was Guider-in-Charge of Sangam World Centre in India from 1998-2001, and more recently was the Honorary Treasurer of Girl Guides Australia. She has lived in most States of Australia and gave so willingly of herself to enable others to share all that Guiding offers. 


Helen Geard, Acting Chief Commissioner                                                   Miranda Cummings, Assistant Chief Commissioner



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