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Acting Chief Commissioner Report – March 2017


National Team Report

We have heard some great stories from Guides connecting with the World Thinking Day 2017 theme of Grow in various different ways.  The WAGGGS Thinking Day pack contained a wonderful selection of ideas for use at Thinking Day but also throughout the year, so don’t forget to have a look back at the pack whenever you need some inspiration to Grow Guiding. 

Growing Guiding will look different in different areas – for some it is an increase in adult volunteers and for others an increase in girls or a focus on retaining Guides by shaking up the program and ensuring that it remains challenging and relevant for all girls in the unit.

The new “EnviroGuide” challenge badge from the National Outdoors Committee is a great way to introduce a series of fun and challenging environmental themed activities into the program (and it’s also open for adults to complete).  All the details of this badge are available on the GGA website. Similarly, we were excited for the launch of the Guide Your Money Foundations program, a fun and interactive means for 7-12 year olds to learn the basics of financial literacy.

Of course Thinking Day is also an occasion to think of our Guiding sisters around the world.  Miranda, recently returned from the Young Women Changing Tomorrow event at Sangam in India, has enjoyed having an entirely new set of Guiding friends from across Australian and around the world with whom to share Thinking Day.

This month, Hannah Woodward, a Leader and Olave from GGWA, will be attending CSW61 in New York. The Commission on the Status of Women is an important platform for WAGGGS to advocate and connect with other organisations for girls and young women. Hannah is the WAGGGS delegation coordinator for the policy working group, and you can learn more about the WAGGGS delegation for CSW61 here:

There are also many ways for connecting with international Guiding while staying put in Australia.  For example, this year Our Chalet turns 85 and part of its celebrations include a fundraising effort to purchase a new van. Those who have visited Our Chalet will know the importance of the van in transporting guests and volunteers up and down the Chalet hill. All the World Centres appreciate the support of Australian Guides through visits, fundraising activities and activities which reaffirm the importance and uniqueness of the international nature of Guiding.

Harmony Day on 21 March 2017 is a celebration of cultural diversity within Australia.  The website states that “the message of Harmony Day is everyone belongs, the Day aims to engage people to participate in their community, respect cultural and religious diversity and foster sense of belonging for everyone”.  It would be great if you could support Girl Guide participation in local events.  See you in orange!


Helen Geard, Acting Chief Commissioner                                                   Miranda Cummings, Assistant Chief Commissioner



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