Meet the Biscuits



Girl Guide Biscuits 2017


We are delighted to introduce our biscuits for the 2017 biscuit fundraising campaign.  

Our biscuit range for 2017 includes our classic Girl Guide biscuit, the Traditional vanilla biscuit and the best Gluten Free buttery shortbread and we are delighted to introduce our new is the Mini Choc Chip biscuits - a crunch little biscuit packed with rich chocolate chips - which come in a box perfect for sharing with family and friends.  All our Girl Guide biscuits are now manufactured in Australia by Modern Baking Company based in Victoria.  

Head over to our new website for Girl Guide Biscuits to find out more details.  

Girl Guide Traditional biscuits  

The Australian classic Girl Guides vanilla biscuit, a traditional favourite of all Girl Guide biscuit lovers.

Loved by the loyal Girl Guide biscuit buyers. A sweet – but not too sweet – biscuit; they won’t feel as guilty eating this one. Ideal for morning and afternoon tea when consumers are more likely to choose a plainer biscuit. Great to use in cooking and especially our Girl Guide recipes.

More info head over to our Girl Guide Biscuit website


Triple Choc

Meet the all NEW Mini Choc Chip biscuit - a crunchy bite sized choc chip treat bursting with rich chocolate chips that melt in your mouth - a perfect size mini treat!

These delicious choc chip biscuits snack sized biscuits come in a box containing a 200g packet. Ideal as a mini treat to share with family and friends.

More info head over to our Girl Guide Biscuit website

Girl Guide Gluten Free biscuits  

The best Gluten Free delicious shortbread-style biscuit. A delectably buttery biscuit, it’s a yummy treat everyone can eat!

This is a delicious butter shortbread with the added bonus of being gluten free. It will be popular with all shortbread fans so there is no need to buy something separate for the gluten intolerant in the family. Lots of people are choosing wheat free diets these days so this will be a popular choice. Ideal for morning and afternoon tea and great for when you have guests drop in.

More info head over to our Girl Guide Biscuit website