Frequently Asked Questions



For more info on our new range of biscuits head over to our Girl Guide Biscuit website HERE



Why should I buy Guide biscuits?


  • They taste great!  They are a perfect treat!
  • Guide biscuits aren't available all year
  • You'll support our terrific organisation that helps girls and women to grow into responsible community members
  • By selling biscuits Girl Guides learn life skills like goal setting, money management and teamwork - and we have lots of fun!
  • You'll get some delicious biscuits and support your local community


Where can I buy them?


  • From your local Guide Unit, contact your State Guide organisation to find out who to contact in your area
  • You can also order them from your State Guide shop or call 1300 447 548
  • Girl Guides will be door knocking from May onwards with the new biscuit range.  Please note that in the interest of safety of the girls, all girls involved in any street collection or door knocking activity will be accompanied by an adult or adults.


How long do they keep for?


  • Check the best before on the packaging.
  • The plain biscuits freeze really well. Would you like to buy some extra ones for later? They're only available once a year


Where does the money go?


  • By buying Guide Biscuits you're supporting girls in your community. It will help fund local activities, camps and Guiding events. You are also enabling Guides to buy Unit supplies and program materials and support disadvantaged girls to enjoy Guiding. The money also helps to train and support our Leaders all of whom are volunteers.
  • Some of the money also goes to pay the manufacturers and support the promotion of biscuits and Guiding, to run trainings and workshops for Leaders, to maintain Guide properties and help deliver Guiding in Australia.


Is this tax deductible?


  • Purchasing biscuits is not tax deductible
  • But donations to Girl Guides are tax deductible. Contact your State office for more details about how you can make a donation to your State Guide organisation or send a cheque payable to Girl Guides Australia and you will receive a tax deductible receipt. Donations to Girl Guides Australia help in the development of training and program resources and build capacity to benefit the Australian girls and women help strengthen communities across Australia.


Where are they made?


  • In Australia by Modern Baking Company based in Victoria


Are they suitable for people with allergies?


  • Guide biscuits are made in a factory that handles egg, tree nuts and milk products, so they are not suitable for people with these allergies


Are they good for you?


  • They taste great but like any biscuits they should be an occasional treat as part of your active healthy lifestyle
  • The biscuits don't contain any artificial colours or flavours
  • Look at the nutritional panel on the packet for more information


For more information please visit our NEW Girl Guide Biscuit website HERE