Not only are you purchasing a packet of delicious Guide biscuits, you are ensuring girls and young women who are Guides grow to become the leaders of tomorrow.



Did you know …?

  • Girl Guides have been selling Biscuits in Australia for the past 57 years to raise proceeds to support local, national and international Guiding activities and programs.
  • Biscuits are available in three options: Tradtional, Mini Chocolate-Chip and Gluten Free Shortbread
  • Girl Guide Biscuits are now being made in Australia by Modern Baking Company, based in Victoria
  • 100% of the funds raised support Girl Guides programs. Proceeds are used to help fund local Guiding activities, camps and events, purchase Guiding supplies and program materials, and support disadvantaged girls to enjoy Guiding. The funds are also used to provide training and support for Girl Guides Leaders, and to support international Guiding events.
  • Biscuits are only sold once a year in Australia, between May and June.  Our Girl Guide Biscuit Fundraising day in 2017 is Saturday 20 May.  
  • Girl Guide Biscuits are not available in stores – they can only be purchased from Girl Guides in your local area.
  • The annual Girl Guide Biscuit campaign is the organisation’s biggest fundraiser.
  • Every Guide who sells Biscuits receives a special badge to acknowledge her involvement in the fundraiser.
  • Girl Guides who participate in the Biscuit fundraiser learn critical skills in leadership and teamwork. They also learn to set goals, grow in confidence, make business decisions, manage money, learn people skills and develop business ethics.


Make sure that you contribute to the future of the premier community based organisation in the world for girls and young women!  


Buy some biscuits today to make a real difference to the lives of girls and young women in Australia tomorrow.


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