Contact Information

Girl Guides Australia insurance coverage is managed by Davelcorp Insurance Brokers. More information on our brokers can be found here 

If you have queries on insurance for your state please contact the following key contacts:






Sandra McKnight

02 9311 8000


Melissa Condie – Property and Assets Manager

02 8 396 5200


Lesley Jardine - Administration & Finance Manager


07 3357 1266

South Australia

Sonia Eugia – Property Officer

08 8418 0900


Viv Rylance – State Executive Officer

03 6244 4408


Lili Chang – Property Officer, Legal

 03 8606 3500

Northern Territory

Jane Rudwick – Administration Manager

08 8981 3628

Western Australia

 Matt Maxted – Administration Manager


08 9355 4586


Certificate of Currency

The current Certificate of Currency can be downloaded here.


A copy of the Girl Guides Australia Insurance Program Frequently Asked Questions (September 2014) can be downloaded here.


Girl Guide Australia International Events - Update on Travel Insurance


For those requiring a copy of the Girl Guides Australia Travel Insurance Policy and/or the Policy schedule please contact Girl Guides Australia National Office on 02 311 8000

Girl Guide members are covered for travel through their membership however travel to overseas events requires a greater contribution to the international component of the corporate insurance policy.  The cost of travel insurance is based on an average number of members travelling in any one year and costed against the overall Corporate Travel premium. Refer to the Status page of your registration or to your State International Manager for the cost of the overseas travel insurance component.

Any member of an SGGO when travelling overseas for any of the event classifications can take out travel insurance through the GGA Insurers.

Travel can be covered for up to 180 days.

The National Office Finance department sends out an ‘International Travel Declaration’ form for members to complete for insurance purposes, after their selection or notification of acceptance for their International event.

Travel Insurance payments are made as per the Status page on the participants on line application.  All Insurance related matters are referred to National Office.

Wendy Davis - Travel Manager, GGA at:


National Office at:


Facility Hire

Private individuals who do not belong to a business or organisation are required to download and complete the FACILITY HIRE AGREEMENT PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS Form with the facility manager.




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