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Newsletters - coming soon

Each State circulates their own State Newsletter.

  1. Trefoil Guild National Newsletter will be published twice a year and available electronically only. Those with internet access are asked to share this with other members.
  2. Three times a year the National Joint Council of AFOFSAG provide the Australian Fellowship News to constituent 0rganisations, detailing items which have come to notice during their quarterly meeting.


Australian Trefoil Guild Reports


Trefoil Guild Publications

Books (in A4 format, punched ready for insertion in a folder) are available for sale from State Trefoil Guild Advisers.

  • The Australian Trefoil Guild Handbook (Revised 2008): The Trefoil Guilds' 'Policy Organisation and Rules'.
  • The Australian Trefoil Guild Program Resource Book: covering 'Collecting Ideas', 'Ideas for programs', 'Meetings' and 'Ceremonies'.
  • The Australian Trefoil Guild Hints for Trefoil Guilds: Includes a variety of topics from 'How to start', 'Keeping records', 'Planning events', to 'Guiding terminology'.