21st National Trefoil Guild Gathering



26th - 29th September 2014
Downlands College, Toowoomba Queensland

“Blossom with Trefoil”

As the coach’s and vehicles drove into Downlands College in Toowoomba the participants were greeted with a lovely sight of wide spread beautiful grassy grounds, gardens flowering and historical residence and various interesting buildings. Participants were to spend the next four days in this lovely place, midst the annual celebration of the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers.

After registering at the floral decorated reception area, participants located and settled into their accommodation. Beds were allocated in the various boarding houses, where the students normally occupy. The bedrooms slept four – each separated into one quarter of the room. Each private space consisted of a single bed, desk, wardrobe and a chair. There was a kitchenette and lounge area in each House as well as a House Mum.

Orientation skills were needed to find your way to the main meeting hall, the dining room

and back to your accommodation it assisted that these were all well marked with coloured ribbons and each participant had a map of the complex. The first meal in the dining room was interesting. The task of getting over 200 ladies sitting at tables and chairs plus collecting meals was indeed a challenge particularly in moving from one end of the dining hall to the other. There was a lot of chatting as members discovered someone they knew, or were meeting for the first time.

The opening ceremony was held in the Graham Centre (the main hall), another opportunity catch up with other members whilst participating in a ‘get to know you’ activity”. There were 13 Internationals from Canada, New Zealand and the UK. The Australian Trefoil Guild Adviser, Barbara Dean presented a report covering the previous two years of trefoil; Chief Commissioner of Girl Guides Australia, Robinette Emonson and Queensland State Commissioner, Velia Nicholls, along with other dignitaries, addressed the members assembled. Afterwards the various state photos were taken. After lunch an option was to enjoy the lovely grounds of the college whilst doing a Wide Game organised by members of the Darling Downs Region team.

As another optional activity, participants were invited to a session on the Dark Horse Venture program which was attended by thirty trefoil guild members and this resulted in “the venture” gaining new participants.  During the event many ladies made lovely animals out of socks (over 200), as a Community Service Project for Toowoomba North Child Safety Centre – Department of Communities Child Safety and Disability Services. The 21st NTGG  Trading Table filled with items donated from trefoil guild members from throughout Queensland took almost $2000.00 and the total income was donated to The Isabella and Marcus Paediatric Brainstem Tumour Fund. The Australian Trefoil Guild Retail which included the ATG casual shirts/vests/jackets was also available for the duration of the weekend with good sales experienced. Thank you to all who supported these activities and retail outlets.

Saturday evening was a Gala Dinner with the venue decorated to suit the occasion. The entertainment was a toe tapping, sing along or dance to “olden and golden” music from the 60s and 70’s.

Sunday saw participants explore Toowoomba via 5 buses and one walking group in an around the city, the area south to Warwick and north to Highfields,  taking in private and prize winning  gardens; City parks, history, historic buildings. Trips were extremely well looked after by various Trefoil and Guiding members around the Toowoomba and Warwick area.   Congratulations to Warwick T G who decorated the guide hut with the floral theme; show cased their meeting place (the old Ranger section Hut) next door and a hosted a tour of Warwick.

At the Closing Ceremony on Sunday evening, the presentation to the recipients of the many sock animals: the excellent presentation for the 22nd Australian Trefoil Guild Gathering and hand over to South Australia transpired.

The event was a very enjoyable few days spent in lovely surrounds amongst old and new friends, with lots of food and laughter.


See you all in Adelaide in 2016.



ATG Dark Horse Venture Co-ordinator – June Conen

I have been a member of Trefoil Guild for 20 years and joined as a foundation member of George Bass Trefoil Guild, NSW.  During those years I have held many positions in the Guild and presently serving as President.

From 2007 to 2010 I served as the State Trefoil Guild Adviser for NSW/ACT and during that time served on the Committee for the State Gathering in 2007 and again 2009.

Presently I am a member of the Hall Committee at the local Guide Hall and for three years I have been President of the Tingira Water Activities.


The Dark Horse Venture program has 10 new members since September 2011.

One of the current W.A members, Mrs Coral Culling has completed her 3rd Gold Award Certificate. What a pleasing result.

Applications to join this venture are available from the STGA’s or via an email query to .


New Dark Horse - Dec and Deb

Congratulations Dec and Deb!


2011 Australian Trefoil Guild Membership - 194 trefoil guilds and 2384 members throughout Australia.