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22nd National Trefoil Guild Gathering

“Butterflies and Beyond” 14 - 17 October 2016.


22nd NTG Chequered Copper

(Butterflies of Australia - Lucia limbaria)



Pultney Grammer School, South Terrace, Adelaide, SA.

Australian Trefoil Guild Adviser and South Australian Trefoil Guild are looking forward to welcoming you to Adelaide for this event.

The Gathering Logo is based on the "Chequed Copper Butterfly" Lucia limbaria, now known as the "Adelaide Copper". This butterfly symbolises the gathering which will be highlighting the importance of conserving our environment.


Please click HERE to view our promotional video about  "Butterflies and Beyond" 14 - 17 October 2016.


Please download the following documents, for information about the gathering. Forms for registration, accommodation and transport are now available: