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Trefoil Guild is the adult section of Guiding which links members and former members; female members of the Scout Association and women who have not been Guides but who are prepared to make the Guide Promise.

  • Women can join from 18 years onwards!
  • The purpose of a Trefoil Guild is:
  • to keep alive the spirit of the Guide Promise and Law,
  • to carry this spirit into the community and
  • to give support to Guiding.

Women living in Australia who were members of Guiding or Scouting in other countries can also join Trefoil Guild. Those still active in Guiding as leaders of youth or adults may join Trefoil Guild.  Individuals living in areas where there is not a Guild, in nursing homes, or who are disabled or working full time and unable to attend regular meetings may be Lone members.

Each Guild plans its own program and decides how to further its own aims. The time, place and frequency of meetings are determined by the Guild members. Each Guild is autonomous electing its own president, secretary and treasurer. 

Trefoil Guilds are members of their State Guide organisation and pay an annual fee which covers membership in Guiding (this includes insurances); administration of Trefoil Guild (who are financially self supporting); and membership of the Australian and International Fellowship (the International World Scouting and Guiding organisation for adults).

All members are encouraged to attend the Australia wide National Gathering held biennially. Most States also hold their own Gatherings, Conferences or special events.

The 22nd Australian Trefoil Guild Gathering will be held in Adelaide from October 14th-17th 2016.

The theme for the conference is “Butterflies and beyond” and highlights the importance of conserving our environment and how, in our own back yards we can contribute.  We have chosen the ‘Chequered Copper Butterfly’ Lucia limbaria, now renamed the ‘Adelaide Copper’, after it was rediscovered breeding in the middle of the Victoria Park racecourse, near the Adelaide CBD. This butterfly had previously not been recorded on the Adelaide Plains for over 70 years.

Two hundred and twenty Trefoil Guild members, will be welcomed from all states and ACT, New Zealand and the United Kingdom and will join in the fun and friendships of Trefoil.

Each State has a Trefoil Guild Adviser who keeps Guilds informed of activities and events through their state newsletter.

Trefoil Guild Australia belongs to both the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and the International Scout and Guide Fellowship (ISGF). Australia is a founder member of WAGGGS which was formed in 1928 and is the official umbrella organization for all national Girl Guide and Girl Scout organizations in the world. It comprises 145 Member Organizations, which are organized into five regions – Africa, Arab, Asia Pacific, Europe and Western Hemisphere.  To facilitate membership of ISGF in Australia - Trefoil Guild has joined with the Baden-Powell Guild and St Georges Guild to create the National Scout Guide Fellowship (NSGF). Members may attend the triennial World Conference and any Regional Gatherings which are arranged.

Trefoil Guild is a great way for former guiding and scouting women to continue to live by the guide promise, and maintain friendships formed during our years of active service with the movements. We work quietly to serve our community and our youth members, and the underlying theme is always one of Fun, Fellowship, Food, Flexibility and Freedom.

Currently there are Guilds in all states and territories in Australia, with a total membership of almost 2500. 


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Trefoil Guild