Support Groups

Parents and Leaders work together to build and maintain a Guide District in their local community.

In a Guide District there will be either a Support Group or a District Support Team. Within these groups there are different roles to suit a variety of talents and the time parents or other interested adults have available to volunteer to help the local Guide community. The District needs enthusiastic and friendly people.

Support Groups and District Support Teams:

  • Support the Leaders
  • Participate in the District decision-making
  • Maintain the hall or meeting place as required
  • Promote Guides in the community
  • Raise funds to maintain the District e.g. insurance, resources and equipment


Volunteering offers you:

  • The opportunity to meet other people in the local community
  • The satisfaction of contributing to the local Guide District
  • Fun while supporting girls and young women grow in confidence
  • The opportunity to create a positive role model
  • The opportunity to show appreciation of Leaders in the District


Parents and other interested adults can also help the District by:

  • Assisting the Leaders during meeting time or at a special event or camp
  • Sharing their talents and skills with the Unit or District
  • Volunteering to help on one-off occasions with tasks like painting, handyman duties, catering, auditing


Most Support Groups and District Support Teams meet on a monthly basis during term time for a couple of hours. However, this does vary from District to District. Each group will plan their own activities to support the District. The time involved will depend on the needs of the District and the role of the volunteer in the District.

You'll love helping Guides!

To volunteer contact your local District Leader!