Mother's Day

Mother's Day Games

Try one of these at a Mother and Daughter meeting.

All tied up

Link your left hand with your Mum's right hand. Try tying knots using your free hands. Try swapping sides. Reef knot, clove hitch, sheet bend are good ones to start with.

Pin the Pegs

Each player has three plastic spring clothes pegs. Players move around within the playing area trying to get rid of all their pegs by pegging them on the clothing of other players while trying to avid being tagged with pegs by others. Winning players are those who sit down when they have no pegs in their hands or on their clothing.

Noisy Neighbours

Each Guide and her Mum practise making the same noise as per the word on a card they selected e.g. sheep, dog, whistle, siren, brakes etc. Ideally only one of each sound. When the lights go out, all players make their own sound and tries to find their mate.