Recycling Programs


Don't Dump it - Donate it!

Help save the environment from landfill and raise funds for Girl Guides Australia & Clean Up Australia.

Mobile phones contain highly toxic metals that leach into the environment from landfill. Donating your old mobile phone to GGA and CUA's recycling program will help girls world wide save our planet.
Simply request a free recycling satchel from your Girl Guide State Office, place your old mobile phone in the satchel, seal the bag and send! Postage is free.



Cork Recycling Program

As of 2011, Girl Guides Australia no longer collects corks with the exception for Girl Guides Northern Territory.
Other community organisations continue to collect corks are listed below:

Girl Guides Australia would like to thank everyone who supported the Cork Recycling program.

Guides in Australia have inspired the world to think about cork recycling. Girl Guides Canada and groups in Europe and the USA have all started cork recycling programs.