Nominations for the WAGGGS’ Nominations Sub-Committee


Girl Guides Australia has been invited to submit nominations of individuals to assist at global level on the WAGGGS Nominations Sub-Committee. The WAGGGS Nominations Sub-Committee is accountable to the WAGGGS Governance Committee and is responsible for overseeing the nominations process for World Board and Regional Committee members. WAGGGS is currently seeking a Chair and Members of the Nominations Sub-Committee.


The term of service for WAGGGS Nomination Sub-Committee members is, in this instance, four years. A member who has served for one term may be eligible for re-appointment for a further term of three years, but may not serve for more than two terms. Please note that members should still be re-nominated if willing to serve for a second term.

Please read the Role Desciption "Appendix 2 - Role Description - Group or Committee Member_Eng".   Click HERE to download Appendix 2.

Applications should be made on the  Application document: “Appendix 4:  Biographical information on Nominee”. Applications should also include the names of two relevant referees.  Click HERE to download Appendix 4.

Applications and queries should be directed in the first instance to the CEO of Girl Guides Australia, Paul Giles via email