As a volunteer

Why volunteer with us?

Girl Guides Australia is one of the largest organisations in Australia for girls and young women.  It provides leadership and personal skills development to its 30,000 members, including 22,000 youth members. 

We provide a non-formal educational program that is a dynamic, flexible and values based training in life skills, decision making and leadership.  The Australian Guide Program is run by trained volunteer leaders.

Girl Guides Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that involves volunteers at all levels of its operations.  Girl Guides Australia involves volunteers in its work to enable our members to gain maximum benefit from the unique knowledge and skills volunteers are able to offer.

Our Mission: to enable girls and young women to grow into confident, self respecting, responsible community members.

Our 2015 Aspiration: is to be Australia’s leading organisation for girls and young women in leadership and personal development. 

Become a volunteer with Guiding and support girls and young women to reach their potential and Be Their Best.

No matter how much time you have to give or the interests and skills you have to offer, there is a volunteer role in Guiding to suit you.

There are a range of ways you can volunteer. 


In a Leadership role:

Unit Leaders and Assistant Unit Leaders deliver the Australian Guide Program to Guides.  While working in the Guide Unit, you will be part of a team of Unit Leaders supported by your District Leader.  The Australian Learning & Qualification Program provides a learning path to the Leadership Qualification.

District Leaders and Region Leaders work with a team of adults, providing support to Guide Units and managing Guiding in their area.

Girls and young women will look up to you, valuing your friendship and guidance.  There are no monetary rewards, but changing lives is priceless.

Leaders must be female, aged 18 or over and become a member.


In a Volunteer Support role:

If you would like to help Guiding and haven’t the time to commit regularly as Leader, there are many volunteer roles for men and women that can be done in your own time or as a special project thus providing a valuable contribution.  Membership is not required.

Share your special interest or skill with Guides. Listed below are just some of the options available:

Unit/District volunteer support person – assisting Leaders with tasks such as – shopping, banking and account keeping, newsletters, administration, program activity preparation

Occasional helper – how often you help out at a Guide meeting is up to you, you may be part of a parent or helper roster

Guest speaker, facilitator or presenter


Promotion /marketing

Catering for large or small events

Property or Guide Hall maintenance or management

District Support Group member

Committee member in your area of expertise

Helping out at events




Volunteers can be involved either:

In a District – ‘local’ guiding in your town or suburb

In a larger geographical area usually known as a Division or Region

At a state level – contributing to the management or governance of Guiding within your state


Why volunteer?

Volunteers in Guiding are valued, supported and recognised for their effort. There are many personal rewards such as:

Knowing you are making a difference to girls’ lives

Personal development

Formal training as required 

Skill development

It's lots of fun!

You will develop an extensive network of lasting friendships

You will be making a personal contribution to your community


How to get involved

To speak with a representative of Guiding and find out more about volunteering fill in the online enquiry form or contact your State Girl Guide Organisation directly.