Olave Program Review 2013-2014




The Olave Program Review will be taking place over 2013-2015.  It aims to understand the way the Olave Program (for 18-30 year olds) is currently operating, to learn what is working well in the Olave Program and to identify where there is room for improvement.

Olave Program Ignite is the name of the implementation phase of this project – putting into place recommendations that have resulted from the Review. This will be occurring during 2015.

The goal of the Olave Program Review is to ensure that the Olave Program is relevant, flexible and engaging for young women in Guiding today and in the future.

Here are all the resources to help you engage with the Olave Program Review:


Introducing ‘Olave Program Ignite’…


This is the implementation phase of the Olave Program Review project.

In 2013-2014 we did the research, crunched the numbers and talked to Guiding members across Australia.  We used that data to create the Olave Program Review Report, which has a number of recommendations for improving the Olave Program.

The National Olave Program Committee has considered those recommendations and created a plan of action that we’re ready to implement.  We are committed to creating an Olave Program that:

  • Has a clearer framework
  • Makes better use of technology
  • Is better known and understood in Guiding
  • Has great resources for individuals and peer groups
  • Creates pathways for individuals to develop and grow