There are a number of different awards that Olaves may choose to work towards during their time in the Olave Program.  These awards provide opportunities to Olaves to challenge themselves in different areas and be recognised for their achievements.

Olave Baden-Powell Award

The Olave Baden-Powell Award (‘OBP Award’) is the peak achievement award for Olaves.  The OBP Award is suitably named after Lady Baden-Powell (1889-1977), the World Chief Guide.   The OBP Award requires a strong commitment to self-development and service. 

Olave Challenge

The Olave Program has a strong emphasis on supporting the community through voluntary service to Guiding and the wider world. The Olave Challenge is completed by undertaking one service activity/project and two other activities from the Olave Program Framework.

Commonwealth Award

The Commonwealth Award is open to Guides (13 and older) and Olaves in all Commonwealth countries. This award strengthens the bonds between girls living in the Commonwealth by allowing them to learn about one another’s history and culture, as well as develop their knowledge of their own country.  See your state website  for an application form.

AGP-OP Link Badge

The AGP-OP Link Badge has been developed to encourage Girl Guides aged 17 to progress to the Olave Program.  The Link Badge is a participation badge, and recognises that involvement is the key to appreciating the opportunities that can be offered in the Olave Program.  A member must be 17 years of age to start the AGP-OP Link Badge, and it must be completed by her 19th birthday.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Olaves (up to the age of 25) are able to complete the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.  This award can also be credited with many other Girl Guide awards including the OBP Award.


If you have any questions about an Olave Program Award, check out the Resource or consult your State Olave Program Manager.