Revised and updated Australian Adult Leadership Program Leaders' Journal

An updated and revised version of the Australian Adult Leadership Program (AALP) Leaders' Journal is about to be released. It will be available at your Girl Guide Retail outlets, through the Training Department in your state and via the GGA website at from the beginning of August.

The AALP was developed by GGA through consultation with Guide Leaders and Trainers. The Leaders' Journal was first published in 1997. Content of the journal is reviewed on a regular basis, generally at the GGA Training Conference.

The 2010 version of the AALP is the only version to be used by members commencing modules from 1 June 2010.

New Further Development modules available include:

FD P10: Develop skills in flag ceremonial, etiquette and protocol
FD F14: Explore the Asia Pacific Region
FD M12: Contribute to the management of Guiding property
FD 014: Rowing modules - from beginner to experienced.
Training News:
Revised AALP
New Adult Endeavours
Save the Koala month
G(irls) 20 Summit,
Centenary News:
Campfires evaluation
International Service
Be the Change update
Promise and Law
review and update
OP News

New Adult Endeavours

If you're looking for a new challenge and keen to try something different, then Adult Endeavours is for you.

Adult Endeavours is available for adult members who wish to challenge and extend themselves on a personal level and explore topics in-depth. A number of challenges are available which provide opportunities for self-development while allowing members to contribute to the mission of Girl Guides Australia - to enable girls and young women to grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members. The focus of an Adult Endeavour may relate to one or more of the Fundamentals of Guiding.

The current Adult Endeavours available are:

AE 1 Faith Awareness: invites you to grow your awareness of your own faith tradition and explore a faith tradition other than your own.
AE 2 Environmental Awareness: invites you to grow your awareness of your own local environment and explore our global environment.
AE 3 Health and Fitness: invites you to become more aware of and increase your own wellbeing and fitness skills and to explore health in your community.
AE 4 Women in the Lead: invites you to become more self aware of your own leadership skills and to explore the leadership skills of other women in Australia and around the world.

Unlike the Further Development modules, Adult Endeavours are not assessed in competency terms. Instead, they are designed to be an individual challenge in an area of interest. It is expected that members will grow in terms of their personal understanding and/or skills, and that this will vary for each individual.

Adult Endeavours are recognised as equivalent to Further Development modules for appraisal and endorsement of a leadership appointment.

Full details of the Adult Endeavours can be found in the revised AALP Leaders' Journal or by contacting the Training Department in your State or Territory.

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Save the Koala Month in September

Now is the time to plan for your Unit/District/Region to participate in September's Save the Koala month.

Once again Guides are being invited to fundraise by selling the Australian Koala Foundation's "Fatty and Friend tattoos". Fundraising kits are available HERE, where you can also see the inspiring message put together by Abby McGuire - a Tasmanian Guide Leader who attended the Climate Change summit in Copenhagen on behalf of the Koala Foundation last year.

As valued Gold Sponsors of the Australian Koala Foundation, Guides or Units who raise $200 will receive a "Foster Koala" in a nearby Sanctuary. Click on the link above to order fundraising kits for September.

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Inaugural G(irls)20 Summit in Toronto

Twenty one girls from the G20 nations and the African Union came together in June to discuss how girls and women can help solve some of the world's greatest challenges. While in Toronto, the delegates worked together to develop tangible solutions and participated in various workshops addressing financial literacy, media relations, problem solving, and how to use social media and technology to communicate globally.

Jane Harris, a Guide Leader from NSW, represented Girl Guides Australia at this event. She will report back from the Summit in the next edition of Adult E-News.

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Chain of Campfires

Registrations were received for over 120 campfire sites from all around Australia to celebrate the Chain of Campfires on Saturday
19 June. Most sites were lucky to be rewarded with fine weather for the night. We hope you and your girls had a wonderful time celebrating this unique Centenary event.

To all the Campfire Local Coordinators, please remember to complete your Chain of Campfires evaluation form and forward it to the Centenary Representative in your state or territory. The Federal Office for Women, who provided funding for this and all our other Centenary Events, require your feedback as part of the funding agreement. If you haven't received an evaluation form, please contact your state or territory Centenary Representative.

There was some wonderful media coverage of the event. Follow the links below to see just a sample of the media local Guide Units received HERE and HERE.

If your Unit received local media coverage, we'd love to hear about it. Please EMAIL details to the Centenary Project Officer. We would also welcome any photos of your event for inclusion on the Centenary website.

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International Service Challenge

Papua New Guinea's (PNG's) primary school enrolment rate is the lowest in all of East Asia and the Pacific. Overall, girls in PNG are more disadvantaged than boys. The average primary school enrolment rate is approximately 73% for boys but only 66% for girls.

Girl Guides Australia is working with UNICEF to actively make a difference to girls' education in PNG through this year's International Service Challenge, which is themed "Girls Unite to Read and Write".

Guide Units across Australia are hosting various events as part of the International Service Challenge in an effort to raise more than $6,000 which will be used to fund several pilot projects UNICEF is undertaking to improve girls' education in PNG.

Guide Units can take on the International Service Challenge as a special project, or incorporate it into their weekly program. The activities can also be linked to the GAT Badge Curriculum.

To assist Units in completing the challenge, a simplified version of the handbook (which was sent to all Units as part of the Centenary mailout earlier this year) is now available online HERE.

Leaders are encouraged to also refer to the full version of the International Service Challenge Booklet, which can be found by clicking on the above link.

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Girl Guides Australia, with funding from AusAID, is hosting a series of workshops across Australia focussed on advocacy and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The workshops are part of the Be the Change Project, of which the first stage was to invite 26 Guides (through a competitive application process) to a national workshop in Melbourne in April. This two-day workshop included presentations from Guides and external speakers with expertise in this space.

Participants at the national workshop are now organising two-day workshops in their states and territory to educate others in the local community about the importance of advocacy and to provide detailed information about the MDGs. Organisations and individuals that are working in the areas of advocacy and the MDGs will participate in the workshops in each state and territory.

The state workshops are open to Guides and members of the local community aged between 14 and 18 years and interested participants are encouraged to submit an application.

If you would like more information about Be the Change, please contact the state liaison person listed below via your state or territory Guide office. Alternatively, contact Lisa Burstall, Millennium Development Goals Project Manager on 0419 525 080 or EMAIL LISA HERE.

NT TBC Sarah Dellar
WA 13-15 August Kim Richardson
TAS 28-29 August Lynne Watson
SA 11-12 September Lauren Mackenzie
QLD 11-12 September Sandy McCarthy
NSW/ACT 18-19 September Luisa Simeonidis
VIC 18-19 September Alecia Rathbone

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At the May 2010 Girl Guides Australia Board meeting it was decided that a Promise and Law review would be held in 2011. Members will be asked their thoughts so watch out for opportunities on how to have your say.

At the same meeting the Board passed a recommendation that Members may opt to use the following Promise wording as an alternative to the current promise:

I promise that I will do my best:
to do my duty to God and my country;
to help other people; and
to keep the Guide Law.

A female of another nationality wishing to become a Member of Girl Guides Australia has several additional options when making the Promise. The most appropriate option for the individuals' circumstance should be selected. The following Promise wording may be used:

I promise that I will do my best:
to do my duty to God, to serve my country and this country;
to help other people; and
to keep the Guide Law.

The Promise wording from her own country may be used with the addition of the following words:

To do my duty to the country in which I am a guest.

For a female unable to live in her own country and not wishing to promise loyalty to its government, the following Promise may be used:

I promise that I will do my best:
to do my duty to God and to serve the country in which I am living;
to help other people; and
to keep the Guide Law.


Guidelines Section 3.5 will be updated to reflect these changes.

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Saving our planet seems like an overwhelming ask. Girl Guides Australia is helping Guides worldwide to save the planet by fighting E-waste!!!

E-waste is one of the biggest growing problems we are facing, with people using mobile phones and other electrical appliances a short time before getting rid of them. But we can help beat this problem. Girl Guides Australia has partnered with Clean Up Australia to recycle mobile phones and Guides are encouraged to get involved. We are also encouraging you to 'THINK BIG' to get your local communities, businesses and others involved.

Around Australia, Guides have been able to share this project with businesses and local councils, encouraging them to recycle their phones through Guides and share this important environmental message.

How will you get involved? Think about what your Unit or District can do to help in our fight against e-waste.

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Have you ever wondered how to explain the link between the Australian Guide Program and the Olave Program, or have you had young women interested in finding out more about? Well we have something that will help you!

Keep your eyes open for the AGP-Olave Link Badge which will be coming shortly. This badge is a special two part badge system designed to help youth members (between 16-17) explore some of the options open to them once they turn 18.

The badge will help them discover the Olave framework, learn about the ways in which they can become involved in Olave and encourage them to explore the world of Guiding beyond youth membership.

The AGP-Olave Link Badge will encourage young women to become engaged in Olave and provide them with support as they discover the next stages of their Guiding journey.

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