34th WAGGGS World Conference – Day 2 (Tuesday 12th July 2011)

The second day of the World Conference has been a very long one for the GGA Delegation. We began with Reflections and a short presentation from a WOSM World Committee member on how our two organisations are working together at the world level. This was followed by a brief summary of the proposed 2012-2014 Strategic Plan of WAGGGS, which touched on the 6 Global Outcomes:
• Increased and diversified membership;
• Improved image and visibility of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting;
• Influenced issues that affect girls and young women;
• Strengthened the quality of the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting experience;
• Built leadership capacity at every level; and
• Increased funding.

We also had short presentations on further proposed motions that cover the development of a fifth World Centre in Africa, Quota (an amount that MO’s pay to WAGGGS), and Fund Development. There is much debate on some of these topics, leading to some very interesting conversations whilst we wait in line for meals!

After morning tea everyone broke up into Regional Gatherings to further discuss the Strategic Plan – what our MO’s have achieved in the last triennium (3 year period), and how our MO Strategic Plans link to the new WAGGGS Strategic Plan to achieve the vision and mission for the next triennium.

The entire afternoon was spent in Regional Gatherings to discuss regional business. For Australia and the Asia Pacific Region, this included:
• A roll call of members present;
• An introduction of the World Board nominees from the Asia Pacific Region;
• Further discussion on proposed motions from a regional perspective;
• Introduction to the ‘APOP’ (Asia Pacific Operational Plan);
• An ‘up close and personal’ panel discussion with 4 AP Region leaders, including our own Helen Geard who talked about leading an intergenerational organisation; and
• An update on the 2013 AP Regional Conference, which will be held in Tokyo, Japan.

The AP Region Gathering closed with a very special welcome ceremony for the Girl Guides Association of Cambodia, which was voted into full membership on Monday. Every MO from the AP Region had brought their national scarf; these were tied together, and held up by all the young women present in the room. We then sang the World Song in our respective languages, welcoming Cambodia to the largest worldwide organisation for girls and young women. It was a very special celebration for everyone in the room.

The World Board nominees were available after dinner for delegates to meet and greet, and to ask questions of them. The GGA delegation very thoroughly discussed a number of issues with all nominees so that we can have a good indication of what they can bring to the World Board, and who to vote for when the elections take place on Thursday.

The official proceedings ended with a traditional Ceilidh – a celebration of Scottish culture, with live music, dancing and singing – an opportunity for us all to feel some more deep Scottish love! A word of warning – the dancing involves far more energy than meets the eye!

The Aussies have ended the day with a team meeting to compare notes on today’s sessions, and to finalise our goodies for the International Market tomorrow night. We are anticipating that all the badges, Australian souvenirs and other goodies will be quite popular and sell out quickly, so that we can go shopping too!!

Don’t forget to check out our photos from Conference on the GGA Facebook page, and also the other Conference material available from the WAGGGS website.

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