Pen Pals Postbox


What is Postbox?

It is a way you can communicate with a Girl Guide or Girl Scout in another country or State of Australia by letter. By exchanging letters, you become penpals, share in the Guiding spirit and promote goodwill between girls and young women of the world.


  • Find out what girls your age love to do in another country, their favourite food, music, fashion, how they have fun or just hang out.
  • Find out what Guides do in other places, what their favourite activities are, you could exchange with your penpal, the best games, you and your Patrol like to play, what service activities they do and lots more.
  • Experience the country and culture, through the eyes of a Guide your age Make friends in another country, you never know one day you may travel and get to meet, or your penpal may come to Australia and meet you. To be part of the spirit of Guiding

How do I become a Penpal?

Apply to be a penpal through your region or state International Adviser who will advise the Girl Guides Australia’s PostBox Secretary of your request. Ask your Leader how to contact your state International Adviser or your Region International Adviser. (Please be patient as it can take a little time to organise a link for you). Girl Guides Australia’s PostBox Secretary will set up a link for you through a member country of WAGGGS.

  • you can become a penpal on your own or your Unit or Patrol can link with a Unit or Patrol in another country
  • you need to be a current member of your State Girl Guide Organisation
  • you like to write letters either by hand or on the computer
  • you know the purpose of PostBox


The Post Box

It’s rather wonderful, I think,
When friends are made by pen &ink,
A piece of paper, blue & white
Someone decides that she will write
To someone she has never seen
Who lives where she has never been
A pen becomes a magic wand
When strangers start to correspond
It’s truly beautiful, I think,
The friendship sprung from pen & ink

Author unknown


Apply for your pen pal by EMAIL to:-

Girl Guides Australia Post Box Secretary, Sandra Herbert at -

While there are a number of countries we do not have contact with, generally pen pals are available from Europe Region, Africa Region, Western Hemisphere Region and Asia Pacific Region however, we encourage you to apply for an Australian Pen Pal in other states as there are always girls waiting for links.

When applying for your pen pal please make sure that you provide:

  • Your full name
  • Your unit
  • Your date of birth
  • Your membership number and expiry date
  • Your address
  • Email if you have one
  • The state or country you would like a pen pal from - 3 choices

Post Box is provided to make it possible for guide members to have an Australian or international pen pal and to develop friendships. It is intended that your pen pals are long term friends and not just for the purpose of swapping badges or gifts.


Girl Guides Australia received a lovely note from the son of a Guide who had this to say:

I wanted to let you know of a special holiday I am taking my Mum on in a couple of weeks time. 

We are travelling to England, Scotland and France, the main purpose of which is for my Mum to meet her long term penfriend for the first time.

I am sending this to you because they started writing to each other through (Girl) Guides when they were 14 years old, that is now over 50 years ago.  This is a testament to an organisation that made this happen for young people and I know still does.

You would have to agree that it is amazing with all of today's e-communication that our young people have access to like Facebook and Twiiter, that my Mum and her penfriend do not own a computer or have access to emails.  They have been writing hand written and typewriter letters all this time.

I am not sure about Mum's penfriend but Mum remained in Guides and became a leader in the late 1950s along with her siblings, a sister as a Cub Leader and a brother as a Scout Leader, all three having being youth members in both of these wonderful organisations.

This rubbed off in my family even though I don't have long term penfriends I grew up in Scouts and then married a Brownie Leader!

Just wanted to put pen to paper or words to screen and thought you might be interested.

Yours sincerely

Alan Murray
Scout Leader - Erindale Scout Group - ACT