Wide Games

What is a wide game?

A Wide Game is a game best played over a wide outdoor area and involves a wide range of activities based on a theme or storyline to heighten your imagination. The theme and activities make the game exciting and loads of fun. The number of participants can be one patrol or hundreds of Guides at a large camp. The time taken to play a wide game will vary from game to game and can last as long as you like. It could last for the length of the Unit meeting, for a few hours or even over a weekend at Camp!

Some examples of wide games that you can plan and play with another Patrol or your Unit are available in the Fun Ideas section of this website (search for 'wide game').

Try Beware of the Galaxy Wide Game or A Time Warp Wide Game or more.... or let your imagination run wild and make up your own.

If you invent a wide game that you think other guides would enjoy too, please send it to the guides@girlguides.org.au so we can add it to our Fun Ideas page.