Outdoor Challenges

As a Guide you can challenge yourself and be recognised by earning a variety of badges relating to the Outdoors, they could have an environmental theme or be an active outdoor activity. On completion of each Achieve, Explore and Create a Challenge you receive a badge providing you have challenged yourself.

Achieve a Challenge badges recognises your skills and abilities at three levels of skills development.

  • Explore a Challenge badges can be achieved by yourself or with your friends, there are 10 different areas, many of which include outdoor challenges.
  • Create a Challenge badges give you an opportunity to follow your interests and dreams, you choose and write the challenges to extend your knowledge.
  • Junior BP Award, BP Award and Queen's Guide Award will all challenge you in the outdoors and enable you to try and learn lots of new outdoor skills.
  • Duke of Edinburgh's Awards all have an outdoor component which can be completed if you are a Guide member. For further information contact your State Outdoor Activities Consultant or Duke of Edinburgh's Liaison.