Discover A Challenge Badges


Discover a Challenge Badges (Gemstones)


Why were they developed?

The Discover-a-Challenge badges are a series of 10 skills based badges centred on the four elements of the AGP – Physical, Practical, People and Self and developed directly in line with the developmental milestones. They provide an opportunity for Guides to progressively challenge themselves and promote what are often thought to be the “traditional” skills of Guiding.

The badges have been named after Australian gemstones: Turquoise, Topaz, Amethyst, Garnet, Agate, Zircon, Jade, Sapphire, Diamond and Black Opal. There are minimum ages to start each level, but Guides don’t need to start at the first level (Turquoise).

In order to help Leaders understand the progression element through the skills here is a link Discover A Challenge to the original planning document that shows the skill development across all the badges. This document is not suitable for displaying however may assist with planning.

Discover a Challenge badges are worn on the sash, next to the Action Guide (Only one to be worn – the highest level achieved).


Where to find them

The syllabus for the badges can be found at the back of the handbook that corresponds to the age group for the Discover a Challenge badges

e.g. The Agate, Zircon and Jade badges are found in Handbook 3 which is for girls approximately 9-12 as the minimum age for these badges are 9 (Agate), 10 (Zircon) and 11 (Jade).

The minimum age is a guide only and some girls may choose to start at an early badge that suits her particular level.


Recording progress for guides

While each guide should have her only handbook to record her progress on the badges, it is difficult for Leaders to always know what girls have achieved what parts of the badge.

Around Australia Leaders have developed a range of recording tools and there are links to them below. If you would like to add to our range please send your recording tool to



Programming using them

There have been concerns about how to program unit meetings using these badges when so many girls are working on different badges. There are a range of possibilities:

·         Split girls into their age groups and ask parent helpers to come in and work with each group on 2-3 activities so they can be signed off

·         Using the full chart consider choosing 1 skill area e.g. First Aid and teaching the unit the range of skills required for all girls to be able to sign off that part of her badge e.g for a unit of girls 7-11, the younger girls can apply a sling and show how to treat a burn on the older girls, who in turn can apply a pressure bandage on the younger girls. Or develop a first aid scenario that requires a range of first aid skills so that all girls are learning a variety of skills.

Do you have other ways of programming using these badges? Please email so we can share the ideas



Recording tools.


Discover a Challenge Wall Chart

Individual Progress charts


Award Cards


5-6 year olds,

7-10 year olds,

11-14 year olds