WAGGGS World Song



Introduction to this ©2012 version of the WAGGGS World Song


by Jane Darby (nee Skelton), Australia



THE WORLD SONG of WAGGGS; World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts


Now lower, simpler, 3 languages, written and recorded!

The WAGGGS World Song highlights the principles and spirit of the WAGGGS Movement. It was instigated in 1950, at the 13th WAGGGS World Conference in Oxford, UK. The resolve was to ask noted Finnish composer, Jean Sibelius (1865-1957), to create our World Song by adapting his ‘Scout Marsch (De danske Spejderes Marsch) Opus 91b’, ©1922.

Sibelius’ first version of “Scout Marsch” was written in 1918 for one of Finland's oldest Scout companies. It featured his music for piano and voice, and Finnish words by Jalmari Finne. Later, he also produced a version for orchestra & 4-part mixed choir, ©1921.

For the 1950s WAGGGS version, Sibelius’ created piano accompaniment and soprano & alto voice parts. New words were also sought. Thus, it was published as the WAGGGS World Song, ©1952, with English words by Gavin Ewart and French words by Francine Cockenpot – using similar ideals, but not a direct translation. Later, Spanish words were also added by WAGGGS, further reflecting the world-nature of the movement.

And yet, despite its credentials, the WAGGGS World Song has not been widely sung by members across the WAGGGS world. Why?

The WAGGGS World Song was difficult for ordinary singers - I found that when I was a Guide! - so, with the permission of the copyright holder and APRA, I have produced a new arrangement ©2012 which addresses the issues.  

My new arrangement has:           

-       A lower key – was in F, now in C – and it is also easier to play

-       Guitar chords as well as the piano accompaniment – written and recorded

-       Simplified score… melody, 2-handed piano and guitar chords only

-       17 versions – melody, accompaniments, 3 languages – to read and hear

-       Access to several versions in English (French and Spanish to come)  via the internet here at Girl Guides Australia